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What to Expect with Opalescence Teeth Whitening? – Flower Mound, TX

The in-demand teeth bleaching treatment had opened doors for companies to make their own brand of teeth whiteners. Have they made the right decision in introducing such products? Fortunately, YES! More and more people wish to have a white smile like the celebrities they’ve seen on television. In fact, they even patronize those ineffective over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpaste, kits, and strips they could find in the market.


Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Invisalign – Roanoke, TX

Metal braces have been around for many years now, and people who underwent the procedure were happy with its amazing results. However, not everyone finds the approach comfortable and favorable. They also worry about the brackets and wires made of metal that almost make up their whole mouth. Instead of waiting happily for their new and improved smile, they wish to hasten the treatment to get rid of the metal components as much as possible.


Steps to Counter Teeth Grinding in Allen, TX

Oral care routine – excellent. Dental checkups & cleanings are in perfect attendance. Not to mention your newly whitened pearly whites that are seating brightly inside your mouth. You definitely deserve an award for acing your oral health — if only your teeth grinding habit is fixed.


Bone Grafting in Flower Mound, TX: Post-Treatment Tips

In dentistry, a bone grafting surgery is performed on patients who want to restore their missing teeth using dental implants, but do not have enough jawbone to support the prostheses. The procedure is known for its ability to revitalize the weakened jawbone. Here at Dental Care of Texas, bone grafting is available in our clinic. We encourage patients with deteriorated jawbone to undergo the treatment first to ensure a successful implant procedure.


Dental 911 in Roanoke, TX: How to Handle Broken Front Tooth?

Each person has four front teeth, also known as incisors, on both the upper and lower jaw. These teeth are the ones that are easily noticed by anyone when talking or smiling. Their main purpose is to bite and tear food before it is sent to the chewing teeth which are the molars and premolars.